The Family Learning Festival is co-ordinated by the Campaign for Learning

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Festival graphics

Family Learning Festival 2019 logos and banners

The Family Learning Festival 2019 logos are available to download in colour and monochrome. They are suitable for print and web. You can also download banners.

Try Tech Graphics

Ideal for digital or technology related activities

Explore More Graphics

Ideal for exploration, nature and outdoor related activities

Space Graphics

Space graphics, suitable for all family learning activities

Brilliant Bugs Graphics

Creepy crawly friends, suitable for any family learning activity

Get Making Graphics

Ideal for arts, craft or any making activities

Life Skills Graphics

Ideal for life skills activities

Fox Family Graphics

Can be used for any family activites

Alien family graphics

For any family activites involving space

Fruit Family Graphics

Graphics for healthy eating activities

Science Family Graphics

Graphics suitable for science related activities

Number Family Graphics

Graphics for numeracy activities

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