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Things to do and learn

There are lots of great things you can do for free or low-cost in your community and online to learn as a family. Try these ideas!

In your community

What's on at your local library
Local libraries run activities for families and children of all ages. You can get advice on children's books, get online and find out about local services and other free activities you can join. Check the What's on pages of your local libraries and visit the Libraries Connected events page:

What's on at local museums, galleries and cultural venues
Museums and galleries often have great family activities you can do, from family trails to special events and fun and creative activities based on their collections. Look at your local, regional and national museum and galleries events pages.

National what's on pages
There are a number of national websites that list events happening across the country.

Online activities to inspire curiosity and grow a love of learning

BBC Bitesize Learning

BBC Bitesize Learning has a wide range of family activites for children of all ages as part of its Parents Toolkit. From multisensory activities you can do with your children at home, to six ways to get your children active at home. Visit BBC Bitesize Learning

BBC Parents Toolkit
BBC Bitesize Parents' Toolkit is the place for mums, dads, carers, and the whole parenting community to find stories, expert advice and fun activities that will help you support your child in a changing world. 
Visit BBC Parents Toolkit

Hungry Little Minds 
Chat, play, and read are three simple ways to make your child happy and help them learn. 

Find activities for children of different ages

The National Literacy Trust and Read North East website also has a series of Hungry Little Minds activities for families for children age 0 to 5 years. Find chat, play and read activities

The Art Room by Place to Be
Support wellbeing at home with these series of art projects from Place to Be. There are activities for children of all ages. 
Find art projects

Science with Dadlab
Fun science experiments from a non-scientist that families can do together.

Visit Dadlab

50 things to do before you're ll and 3/4 from the National Trust
A huge list of outdoor activity ideas. Try number 33 - Cloud Watching!

Try the 50 list!

Have fun and learning with Ceebeebies
Ceebeebies has games, adventures, crafts and more! 

Go to Ceebeebies

Packs of learning with the Reading Agency
Release your innter astronaut and find book ideas on the Reading Agency's website

Visit the Reading Agency

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