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Families can make, paint and decorate in Redbridge's Family Learning Festival

Venues across the borough of Redbridge are celebrating their 17th Family Learning Festival in 2016 with free activities for families. Redbridge Institute, Central Ilford Library, Hainault Library and the Keith Axon Centre are just some of the centres holding workshops where families will learn how to make, paint and decorate.

Families will be able to learn the ancient art of Henna Mehndi and how to apply the delicate and decorative henna patterns. They will be carrying on a tradition of using henna in body art that stretches back to at least the Egyptians, as the earliest evidence for its use has been found on the hair and nails of mummies.

Continuing the body art theme, Redbridge's Festival also has face painting workshops.

Face painting is a wonderfully creative way to dress up, where you can transform into animals, superheroes, halloween characters - whatever takes your fancy! Families will have the chance to learn face painting techniques so they can create and apply their own imaginative designs whenever they want to express themselves.

Families who like getting crafty can make puppets and create funky keyrings too.

For more information about Redbridge's Family Learning Festival activities visit:

Photos from Redbridge Institute

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