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Spooky family fun!

Ruth Precious, Family Learning Curriculum Lead for Doncaster AFCL spoke to us about why the Festival is important to what they offer.

The family learning department in Doncaster is a small team with most staff working only over term time. However, we always try to organise taster events for Family Learning Festival and have participated for the last five years.

We organise the Festival as it helps with family bonding. Many parents are unaware that they can support their children’s learning and we help facilitate that taking place. Also, it's great fun!

Last year we held a Pumpkin Rescue event for the Family Learning Festival. In terms of resources, it only cost us £100 for the pumpkins as the venues were all free. There was a time commitment in terms of liaising with venues and ensuring we had adequate staffing but it was worthwhile as it helps raise the profile of family learning in Doncaster.

Organising a Family Learning Festival event under a national banner helps the community understand the importance of family learning. It’s also great to be able to advertise our event on

We will be using this year’s theme of ‘Try it here and take it home’ as the title of our events this year. The theme is particularly relevant as this is how we deliver almost all of our family learning workshops: try it now while you have our support, then take away and repeat at home.

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