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Bring communities together with Family Learning

Teresa Humpage Curriculum Coordinator for Family Learning in Northamptonshire talks about how family learning brings communities together.

How many years have you been organising Family Learning Festival for? 3 years now.

What do you feel your community gets out of the festival? Coming together, learning with friends/family, time with their children, new skills, social side, meeting new people, and getting out of the house.

How long does it take you to organise and what were the costs involved? As we have very good links with partners already and venues we work from it has been quite easy. I’d say a few weeks to organise.

What made you decide to organise FLF this year? We always try to be involved as it is what we are all about, Family Learning!

Have you managed to leverage any resources through funding or pro bono following the success of last year? Not yet.

What are the advantages of organising an event under a national campaign banner? Some partners know the name and the advertising can be helpful.

How will you incorporate this year's theme 'Try it Here and Take it Home'? The theme encourages families to try something at the event and try out those skills at home. This could be a takeaway sheet or a question to ask themselves when they get back home. We will be giving instructions and ideas of how to use the skills taught in the session at home.

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