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Family Learning Festival Partnership Agreement

To build a stronger Family Learning community, this agreement explains the four actions the Festival's team will do for you, and what we expect you to do in return.

Once you have registered your Family Learning Festival event on Campaign for Learning’s database we will do the following:



  1. Publicise your event listing on the Family Learning Festival website. *

  2. Include your event in all relevant press releases and publicity.

  3. Give you access to Family Learning Festival branding and logo.

  4. Give you any opportunity to participate in the Family Learning Festival awards.


In return, you agree to:

  1. Use the Family Learning Festival branding and logo in your print and digital publicity and marketing materials.

  2. Follow the Festival's family ethos of learning for both adults and children.

  3. Ensure that your event is family friendly and safe for your families before the event. If you are organising a public event you will need to organise your own risk assessments and event insurance. The Campaign for Learning provides a national platform for raising awareness and cannot take responsibility for events run by third parties.


To support the evaluation of the Festival and its continuation, we would appreciate it if you would:

  1. Complete the Organisers' Survey, including stating your visitor numbers

*If your event is not open to the public we would still like you to register the details. Please note we will not publicise any events not open to the public.


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