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Theme for Family Learning Festival 2018

We are excited to announce that this year Family Learning Festival will take place throughout October. This will give you the opportunity to organise an event at a time that works for you and your families. Don't worry we don't expect you to organise events throughout the month however if you do that's great!!

We know that organisers have a huge diversity of activities for families so this year we will continue to post activities on a variety of themes however our overriding theme this year will be "Try it Here and Take it Home". We know that your events for the Family Learning Festival give family members a fantastic opportunity to try new things together so this year we would like you to help them continue their adventures by giving them the tools to continue learning at home. This could be an activity sheet to follow up on the event, a question for them to discuss together or a #takehometip

We will be providing new resources and blogs from June onwards so keep an eye out for our newsletters.

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